‘‘Kouros 2012'' Business Award for Economic Performance at the International Business Field, to Mr. Nicholaos Bakatselos, CEO of Pyramis Metallourgia A.E. - 28/11/2012

Important political and institutional representatives and hundreds of prominent business executives were present at the ceremony of ‘‘Kouros 2012’’ Business Awards, held by the Entrepreneurship Club, on the 22nd of November.
‘‘Kouros 2012’’, celebrating their 18 year anniversary, are awarded to the new generation of entrepreneurs with outstanding progress and performance in the fields of development and innovation, international business and social responsibility.
The Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Chris Staikouras awarded the CEO of Pyramis Metallourgia A.E., Mr. Nicholaos Bakatselos, with the Award of the Economic Performance at the International Business Field, rewarding the flourishing financial results and the impressive corporate image of the company, the strong profile of the entrepreneur, as well as the strong commitment to the ethical values.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the President of the Entrepreneurship Club, Mr. Constantinos Euripides, noted in his speech that'' People awarded today deserve congratulations because they managed to overcome the most important obstacle, that is the widespread negative sentiment and uncertainty of the market that is extremely discouraging. The Greek entrepreneurship needs such young people, their fresh ideas and their boldness.''